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Delivering Integrated Medical Solutions in Texas Since 2010.

Dana Wingate, DO
Clayton Roberts, DO
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Since 2010, WCGTX Inc. and its team of board-certified physicians have been serving Texas hospitals, ERs, and Urgent Care facilities to provide safe and quality care to patients. Our services include recruitment and staffing, credentialing and compliance, as well as quality performance improvement.

The trusted staffing partner you can depend on

Our core services of recruitment and staffing, are designed to reduce work for you.

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Success Years

Exemplary patient care with a focus on well-being and best clinical outcomes in partnership with partners and providers.

We take care of the complexities

WCGTX Inc. works tirelessly to ensure that you can continue to deliver the highest standard of patient care. Our services include: 

Recruitment Staffing

Matching the right healthcare professional with medical facilities.

Revenue Excellence

Handling revenue cycle management and billing services to support financial operations.

Quality Performance Improvement

Implementing strategies for quality improvement and performance optimization in patient care.

We offer the best medical services.

When you travel abroad for medical care, you want everything to go smoothly. Join us on the path to success!

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Fostering Excellence in Healthcare Ecosystems

Our vision is to cultivate a healthcare environment where excellence is not just an aspiration but a consistent outcome. By spearheading strategic initiatives and forging steadfast partnerships, we establish a resilient ecosystem that prioritizes outstanding patient care, drives innovation, and sets progressive standards in the healthcare industry.

Transformative Healthcare Practices for Meaningful Impact.

We are dedicated to meticulously crafting personalized and impactful healthcare practices. Our focus is on making a significant, positive difference in each patient’s life, ensuring every aspect of care is tailored for maximum benefit. Experience the evolution of healthcare where every action is designed with profound patient well-being in mind. 

We are a team of Board-Certified Physicians

With diverse specializations and a shared passion for advancing healthcare, each physician brings a unique set of skills and insights that are integral to our mission of delivering exceptional medical care.

Monte Mitchell, MD

Clayton Roberts, DO

Dana Wingate, DO

Rogelio Castaneda MD

Kyle Kalra DO

Arie Marancenbaum, MD

Bilal Piracha, MD

Jason Hubbard, DO

Micheal Bailey, DO

Mohammad Aamir Khan, MD

Syed Furqan Gilani, MD

Niaz Farhat MD

Shakeb Hashmi MD

✅ Dedicated to Provide High Standard of Patient Care.

Need a Healthcare Partner?

Making healthcare accessible is at the heart of what we do. Partner with us for cost-effective ER staffing solutions that don't compromise on quality. Together, we can achieve excellence in patient care and make a difference where it counts.


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