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When you travel abroad for medical care, you want everything to go smoothly.

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Dr. Benjamin Respess

“Management is much more accessible and responsive than any other company I have worked for. With Wellness & Care, I have the privilege to practice in different medical settings and obtain leadership opportunities.”

Dr. Syed Zaheer

“Friendly environment and very satisfying with focus on patient care. WCGTX is committed to providing lean and integrated staffing solutions to all its providers and clients, I would highly recommend this company to a friend or colleague.”

Dr. Zaid Abdo

“I feel as if I am working in a family environment. I know there is always a backup support if something happens unexpectedly. I am very satisfied with the credentialing and scheduling process, as well as management support.”

Dr. Aneel Naeem

“Overall, my experience with Wellness & Care Group has been excellent with no complaints. WCGTX Inc. is able to offer partnership in delivery of customized high standard of care. I admire the mission, vision and core values of the company and I am highly satisfied with the level of communication that I have experienced so far.”

Dr. Dhuha Alkhaiat

“I've been highly satisfied with work schedules, management and communication with my peers, and the best thing is my work-life balance, love it! With WCGTX, I am able to focus on providing quality care to patients.”


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